WezTeck One Blade Full Kit

$80.00 USD
By WezTeck

Introducing the WezTeck One Blade - the revolutionary hair clipper blade that allows you to adjust the cutting length from #0 to #2 without having to remove or replace any guard. With its advanced technology, the One Blade makes it easier and faster to achieve the perfect look for your client, whether it's a buzz cut or a textured crop.

In addition to its versatile cutting length, the One Blade also comes with two other guards that can adjust from a guard size of #2 to #4 and #4 to #6. Made from the highest quality materials, the One Blade is durable and easy to maintain, making it one of the most reliable tools for any professional hairdresser or barber.

Upgrade your hair cutting game with the WezTeck One Blade and experience the difference for yourself!


Hair Clippers WezTeck is Compatible with:

Wahl: 5 Star, Legend, Senior, Magic Clip
Babyliss: Fx, Limited Fx, Snap Fx, Limited LoProFx, Boost+
Andis: Envy Li, Beauty Master
JRL: FreshFade 2020C
Gamma: X-Ergo, Mag Ergo, Boosted, Absolute Alpha, Protégé, Skin Professional
Stylecraft: Instinct , Mythic, Saber, Apex, Rebel, Rogue, Ergo, Protégé, Absolute Alpha


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lindsay N
Would be better with a dedicated clipper

It’s not a product problem, it’s a me problem.
I do enjoy the product but it appears I am in need of one dedicated clippers for it.

Hiram Cruz

PRE - ORDER WezTeck One Blade Full Kit

Give it a try!!!!

No doubt about it, this is hands down the best blade I've ever laid my hands on, and trust me, I've been a barber for quite a few years now. The concept behind it is really cool and super easy to grasp. I was so impressed that I bought not just one, but two blades. One for my own haircuts and another for the shop. Seriously, if you haven't given this blade a shot yet, it's definitely worth considering. Give it a try!

It will get the job done

I like the product, but I don't totally love it yet. Once we sort out the rattling noise and pulling issues, it could become a really great product. I'm still committed to acquiring another one despite these initial concerns.

Innovative and Ingenious

Oh man, my one blade is like life-changing as a barber! Seriously, I can't do my job without it now. It's like, so genius, I can't believe no one thought of it before!

I'm super pumped for those metal guards, can't wait! The one blade already rocks, and these new metal guards will make it even better. I'm gonna be soooo stoked!