Premium Black Silky Durag

$35.00 $35.00

WezTeck Silky Duragz V2's.
In celebration of our 2-year anniversary, we worked tirelessly to make our bestselling products even better. WezTeck Silky Duragz V2s are even silkier than before. Threaded in X bracing-like formation for maximum durability. The ends of each webbing are now threaded over ever-so-slightly to prevent clips from accidentally slipping out. Don’t worry, the clips still come off for you to wash as needed. Whether you are looking for a sleek durag to elevate your outfit or hold your wave down overnight, the WezTeck V2 Duragz has you covered. Designed, improved, and created for beginner and hardcore wavers.

We don’t believe that “one size fits all,” therefore with our (2) 8” webbing, the WezTeck Durag is fully customizable to fit your specific head size.

Quality tested through and through the toughest compression.

Style, 2nd to none.

Efficiency you can count on.

On and off in just a few seconds.

The signature clip you don’t feel.

No annoying lines on your forehead.

WezTeck Silky Durags V2's are the future of the durag industry.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 69 reviews
    Cordney Pinkley
    Something new

    I got this durag because of the clamp. I was tired of the lines on my forehead

    Wyman McKenzie
    Dope product

    Very easy to use and dope product. works just like my other/regular durags

    LeAnthony Ashton

    It’s smooth and does the job well!!

    Jarvis Beene II

    I would recommend. Love the product and accessibility of use! Great job Wezteck


    Silky Durags are awesome