Why WezTeck?

WezTeck is a pioneering company with a vision to innovate the grooming and beauty industry by introducing products that will give our customers a time efficient, precise and personalized experience each use.

Why We Wear Durags

Durags are an apparel product that also act as a service. There are a number of reasons one will wear a durag and a number of different ways to wear a durag. One of the most common reasons one will wear a durag is to keep their hair compressed for their waves, braids or dreads. Another common reason durags are worn are for style. Durags come in a variety of different colors, textures and lengths making their potential limitless.

How WezTeck Durags are made

WezTeck durags are an original and new durag, designed and manufactured by the WezTeck team in California. The fabric, threading and webbing used for our duragz is sourced in the heart of Los Angeles, CA, Fashion District. Our premium Velvet Duragz are made with a (4) way stretch 90% Polyester, 10% Elastic fabric with a slick and soft inside. We also take pride in the durability of our duragz that are sewn with an overlap seam and elastic threading for the most stretch and comfort possible. Every durag that WezTeck sells is thoroughly checked for flaws or defects in the stitching, webbing and fabric to confirm our customers experience is satisfied. 

History of Durags

The durag history goes back to the early 19th century, which originated from African American. They used a scarf to maximize the waves' development, dreadlocks, and braids in the hair. A few decades later, after the Black Power Movement in the 1960s, the durag became an iconic fashion statement for rappers, singers, and athletes. Fun Fact: Some people claim William J. Dowdy as the first person to invent the traditional modern style Durag, which was a component for his grooming kit in the 1970’s. Wezteck Duragz main goal is to revolutionize the prior art of the traditional durag by enhancing functionality, time-efficiency, quality, and creating a new fashion statement from original art. 

How to wear WezTeck Durag?

  1. Place the Durag on your head
  2. Allow the Durag to sit low on your forehead
  3. Grab the 2” head band portion and flip
  4. Keep the head band portion pressed to your head and clip it up
  5. Style as you want

How to Adjust WezTeck Durag?

  1. Grab the clips and sliders 
  2. Push the webbing through the slider until the clip can be released
  3. Adjust the location of the slider by sliding up or down the webbing
  4. Reweave the webbing through the clip and slider to your own comfortability 
  5. Wear with the comfort you want every time
  6. (Bonus) The additonal webbing tips may be cut and burned as needed. (Please be extremely careful with fire, WezTeck LLC will and is not be liable for any injuries caused from making modifications to the durags).